Welcome to the Quest

Welcome to the Quest
It’s Christmas time again.
What will this Christmas be like for you?  
Will you spend too much, eat too much, plan to do too much and generally stress yourself out again this year?

What if you could do Christmas differently this year?
Instead of feeling a sense of despair, you become hope. Rather than feeling a general unrest, you are a sense of peace.  Instead of looking at the season in a selfish way, you find yourself loving more fully and more often.  Rather than feeling sadness, you are joy in a real and inside out kind of way.

Christmas is about incarnation.  Embodying the ideals of Christmas is our goal this season.   All these things can begin to change as we all learn to BE Christmas.  Join us for the 4 Sundays of Advent and for the Christmas Eve Candelight Service at 6 and 8pm and this year you can BE Christmas!

Be Hope - Nov 30 @ 10am:  We don’t want to talk about just having Hope, but actually becoming a Hope Carrier.  The idea of Hope is simply a positive sense of expectancy.  This year we not only want to embrace the idea that good is on the way, we want to become that positive sense of expectancy in our community. 

Be Peace - Dec 7 @ 10am:  Peace is much more than simply the absence of conflict.  We don’t always have the ability to still the storm.  Embodying peace means that we have a sense of inner quiet even in the midst of all the things that are going on in our lives.  Brining that sense of peacefulness to bear in our lives and the lives of others is what happens as we learn to Be Peace. 

Be Love - Dec 14 @ 10am:  The love we will be unpacking is a deep commitment to the wellbeing of the other.  This is the essence of Christmas.  Our deep desire is not only to experience God’s love in our lives but then embody that love in the lives of everyone we meet.  John said it very well:  The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood. 

Be Joy - Dec 21 @ 10am:  Joy is a result of a lifestyle.  As we incarnate hope, peace and love we become bearers of great joy.  Joy is the fruit of a life that is being well lived.  Joy is not situational but goes deeper into our hearts than any situation can reach.  With a commitment to practice, joy can become our orientation.   

Be Christmas - Candle Light Service - Dec 24 @ 6pm and 8pm: Entering the mystery of the incarnation.  Our goal will be to present a program which is conscious of the fact that this truth transcends our grasp.  We cannot fully understand it but we are admonished to imitate it. 
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