Welcome to the Quest website.  I’m glad you found us and I hope that the information here can serve you in some way and will prove helpful as a part of your spiritual journey.

The Quest is now 14 years old.  She may, at times, seem a bit immature as an organization, because she is still immature as an organization.  After these first 14 years we are in a place where we are surprised by at least two things:
  • The Quest is not what we thought it would be.  We have found that both God and other people are certainly full of surprise.  We have changed our expectations over the years and we are glad that we have come to a place where we are now preparing for what may come next, and not doing quite as much planning! 
  • We are still here.  Against all the odds, we are still here and still learning and still growing and still getting up each morning to do our best work in learning to live and love as Jesus did. 

Some don’t like it when I call the Quest a grand experiment, but that is really what it is.  We are trying to do church differently and without a real map or guide of what it should look like here in Novato and Marin.  So, we do a lot of experimenting.  You will feel the most at home here if you’re a person that enjoys living with the questions of life – even challenging whether we are asking the right questions – rather than being surrounded by folks who think they know all the answers. We certainly don’t know them all.

Take a look around the site, and then look for us in Novato. We’d be glad to have you come and join the conversation.

Our services begin at 10am on Sundays. 

Joe Everly