Community Groups

Community Groups
What in the world is a Community Group and why do we have them?
We’re glad you asked! Very simply, it’s a group of people from the Quest who get together for the purposes of getting to know one another, prayer, support, laughing, crying, and learning from God’s word and from our shared faith journeys (and there is almost always eating involved!). Community Groups meet at times different from our main gathering, which is Sunday mornings at 10am.

Why should I be a part of a Community Group?
Getting to know other people at the Quest is a great way to find care and support in a loving environment – and you will be learning and having fun at the same time!

Are Community Groups only for families?  
Not at all! Everyone is welcome to ANY of our Community Groups. We also have a Men’s Group and a Moms/Womens Group, if you feel more comfortable checking out a Community Group in that context.

How can I find out more about Quest Community Groups?  
Feel free to call the church office
(415) 892-3670 or email us at - or contact one of the Community Group leaders below.

Community groups just finished up for Lent and will begin again over the next few months.  They rotate houses, days and topics!

Day of Week Type of Group Leader Contact Info