Youth at the Quest

Youth at the Quest
The Wave is a gathering of high school and middle school students on a journey to join God's momentum in their lives. The main tenets that we teach are Love God and Love Others. Learning to not only value that as simply something we read and know to be a good path--but how to put that into practice in our daily lives.

The Wave: We are in the water, and God is the Wave. He is the momentum behind us, just waiting to take us on a sweet ride. We just have to learn to lean in and trust him, to let him carry us. We don’t have to force it and make waves of our own. Waves are happening constantly, no way to stop them. All we have to do is recognize them, do some work (paddling, etc), and hang ten.

We meet Sundays at 10am in the main building for music then go to the Couch Room in the Kids' Quest Building afterwards.

Join us Sundays @ 7pm for a night of fun games, activities, movies, food and drinks!!! We meet in the Youth Room at the Quest from 7 - 9pm every other Sunday.

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