Service Time

Service Time
Sundays – 10am to 11:15am
We meet at the Novato campus.  Children (through 6th grade) and Youth (Middle School and High School) attend the beginning of the service and then go over to the Kids' Quest building after our Worship Time around 10:20.  Infants are welcome in the service the entire time, or can be brought to the nursery before service starts.

Our Typical Service:
  • Worship with music
  • Greet one another (you won’t be singled out as a guest!)
  • Worship with music
  • Children go to Kids' Quest
  • Weekly Message
  • Closing Remarks / Coffee and snacks

Thursdays – 7:00pm to 8:00pm
We meet at the Novato campus for a time of meditation and prayer.
Other weekly / bi-weekly gatherings
Check out out Get Connected page for more info on weekly gatherings.
Youth Meetings
Groups for Junior and Senior High students meet during the week.  Please see the Youth page for more information.
Community Groups
There are a variety of community groups meeting during the mornings and evenings.  Please see the Community Groups page for more information.