Opportunities to Serve

Opportunities to Serve
At the Quest we believe in serving God, Novato and one another.  We are constantly creating Teams to provide you with Opportunities to Serve.  We invite you to join a Team today!
Team Contact Description
Prayer Team David@QuestNovato.com Pray for Novato, the Quest, our families, marriages, kids. Meets once a month and through email weekly.
Pizza Lunch Team Kim@QuestNovato.com Serve Pizza to Novato HS students every Wednesday 11:30 - 12:15pm.
Studdent Life Teachers & Helpers Kim@QuestNovato.com Help out on Sundays with the MS/HS Youth.
Kids' Quest Helpers & Teachers Christine@QuestNovato.com Help out on Sundays at Kids' Quest. Assist or Teach a class.
Marketing Team David@QuestNovato.com Help spread the word about the Quest and our programs
Finance Team David@QuestNovato.com Help raise funds for programs and activities at the Quest
Facilities Team David@QuestNovato.com Help keep the Quest facilities up and running.
Hospitality/Greeter Team Suzie@QuestNovato.com Sunday morning Greeters, Ushers and serve Hospitality
Tech Team (PPT/Video/Web) David@QuestNovato.com Sunday Morning PPT and Video Techs, Web designing, Graphic Design
Worship Team David@QuestNovato.com Musicians, Vocalists, and Sound