What You Can Expect if You Visit the Quest

What You Can Expect if You Visit the Quest

At the Quest, you should expect to find a warm, casual atmosphere, with people who are a lot like you. You can expect to be stimulated both spiritually and mentally. When you arrive, you will be greeted by someone from our community (they may even be a neighbor of yours), and they can help you understand where to go for what it is you are looking for. Our band will rev you up and set the tone for our gathering.

There will be many others, just like you, who are at the Quest for the first time. We have designed the whole gathering so that you will not feel out of place, and your level of involvement is completely up to you.

We meet for one hour and fifteen minutes, and most people say that it really flies by. After our gathering we have some light refreshments together, and, if you have time, we would love to have you join us.  

We provide nursery care for children under three, if you would like, and we also have a full slate of children’s activities and classes for kids from three years old all the way through high school.

If you still have questions, please click to see our FAQs page or email  or call us
(415) 892-3670. We look forward to seeing you!